Pigs almost kill an Iraqi vet

So first read this story. Interesting huh? Now see the video.

Here is what I think

a) if you are going to show a guy get shot, you should at least leave the fucking curses in it!
b) if you are enough of a vidophile to have a camera with night vision you should at least be able to hold it steady!
c) this is perfectly representative of the society we live in
b) stuff like this happens every day
e) the pigs are too jacked up these days and nobody seems to care about it.

I wonder what will come of this.. think the story will die? Probably..

2 thoughts on “Pigs almost kill an Iraqi vet

  1. well i can say is that story should be mass emailed to all the news (majors) networks.. everyday .. it will force FOX (faux) NEWS, MSNBC, and CNN to cover it if people in your area bug them to death… this is how the people got holloway on for 6 months straight..


  2. Yup.. I know… we should do that..That’s a really good point! I’ve been following the story and it hasn’t made a peep locally.. I don’t watch local news but I read the local papers. I am going to send both of our daily papers an email..


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