Follow up on Spencer Gifts

I haven’t found any new news of yet, and I’m surprised that I haven’t. I don’t even smoke pot and I’m pissed.. I don’t get it at all.. Well, in either case I have found another blogger who has written about this event. His post is here and highlights are below :

It’s not enough for many to enforce unjust laws against marijuana possession, growth and sale… they have to find other ways to express their displeasure through punishment.

Paraphernalia laws are a prime example of this. How absurd a notion! Thing A (marijuana) is illegal, and Thing B (pipe) can be used to facilitate the use of Thing A. Thing A doesn’t in any way require Thing B, and Thing B and be used for a lot of different things not involving Thing A. Someone can buy Thing B intending to use it with Thing A and that’s legal. However, if you attempt to sell Thing B with the acknowledgment that someone might use it with Thing A, you’re busted (even if the buyer had no interest in Thing A, and no Thing A was around or involved). Confused? You should be.

Also, on one of the nbc10 stories there is a poll question “Should It Be Illegal To Sell Clothing With Marijuana Leaf Images In The State Of Pennsylvania?” Last I checked there were over 4000 entries and 70% said No.. As usual I urge you to vote..

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