Cindy and her T-Shirt

More of the story of the T-Shirt arrest at the Kings declaration can be found in a wonderful article here. Sure all charges were dropped and sure Cindy was apologized to but the mission was accomplished wasn’t it? With the T-Shirt out of view of the TV cameras, the speack went off without a hitch and of course it’s not an issue anymore since she was aplogized to. Gotta hand it to the BWH those fucking guys know what they are doing!

Highlight :

…what sort of message does it send when visitors to the U.S. Capitol passively expressing a sentiment — either in support of or opposition to the president — are not allowed to observe the State of the Union address?

“The U.S. Capitol is not private property that belongs to the president, or even the speaker of the House, it belongs to the people,” said Jamin Raskin, a constitutional law professor at American University in Washington who has discussed legal options with Sheehan.

“The great irony was that Bush was extolling the virtue of freedom and civility in America, at the same time the police were dragging Cindy Sheehan out of the chamber.”

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