Spencer Gifts Update

Now this is facinating.. here is the police report. I highly reccomed it.

Now, after reading that, I say that the store manager is a complete dumbass and deserves to be arrested just for being a jackass but otehrwise I can’t see a case at all. What a waste of time:

Spencer Gifts Assistant Manager Paul came to the counter and waited on your affiant. Your affiant said, “I’m buying some Marijuana posters for my smoking room”. Your affiant then looked surprised at the water bongs displayed for sale on shelves on the wall behind the sales counter. Your affiant said to Paul, “I didn’t know you sold pot bongs”. Paul said that Spencer’s just started them recently…While looking at a box for a $39.99 model water bong, your affiant commented to Paul about the sticker that read, “Notice: This item is intended for use with legal smoking products only.” Paul then said laughingly, “Of course, these are for use with tobacco only – yeah, right, we’re supposed to say that – what bull, we all know what they are used for!” Paul then continued, “I was surprised at first that we were selling these because I’m from Jersey and we’re not allowed there, but these things are selling like hot cakes here!” Your affiant then explained to Paul that your affiant grew his own crop of Marijuana. Paul said that he sold one of these bongs to his friend and has smoked pot from it and it worked fine. Paul suggested that your affiant use ice water in the bottom chamber because it makes the pot smoke a lot smoother than regular water.

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