Buddakan and Morimoto

When I lived in NYC all I wished for was The Continental. I looked all over the place for somewhere that was cool and cozy with amazing food… no luck. I had lots of pretty good food there but nothing was as perfect as the Continental. Well, NYC won’t be getting a Continental any time soon, but they will be getting 2 of my all time favorite restauraunts any day now.. both (suprisingly Steven Starr joints). Buddakan and Morimoto.

Buddakan and Morimoto are simply 2 of the greatest restauraunts I’ve ever been to and I have been to many restauraunts all around the world expensive and cheap. It will be really interesting to see how well they do in NYC. I wonder how different they will be up there. The spaces seem like they are going to be really cool, but the key is the food, and the food here in Philly has never slipped. I wonder what will happen in NYC.

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