Whole Foods Rocks

Yes I live near a Whole Foods and I do like shopping there for produce (we use Genaurdi’s Home Delivery for the bulk of our grocery needs) and the occational sushi lunch, what I really like about the company is that they actually believe in what they are doing.

For those of you who don’t know, WF is a supermarket that carries mostly organic products and generally is very left leaning in their politics. Now you could make an argument that any evil company can pretend to care about the world and the environment and healthy foods just to make money (hmn.. Ben and Jerries?), but Whole Foods practices what they preach as evidenced by this amazing, amazing post on market watch:

Whole Foods Market Inc. said Tuesday it has turned to wind power for 100% of its electricity supply, buying wind credits to offset all its U.S. and Canadian electricity use.

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