I’m a serious blogger. Well, let me qualify that. I have lots of experience blogging. I’ve been doing it for over 2 years now and I’ve been on about 5 different blog sites with varying success. I’ve always had the point of view that I should be free with my personal life and information. I mentioned friends, names, places, all kinds of stuff. I mean, it’s hard enough to write so dealing with censoring yourself just makes it more hard.

So, my last blog abruptly stopped. I had like 50 or so regular readers and they have no idea what happened to me. I just stopped writing. Why? Too much personal info led to problems. This woman I’ve never met, but had a relationship of sorts with had tracked me down using info from the blog. I thought my unlisted phone number and the fact that I’ve moved 2 times since I had last spoken to her would be a good enough insulator but I was wrong.. I had misestimated her quite a bit.

But I still had ideas and movie reviews and tv show commentary and politics to discuss.. What to do? And so here I am again. This time, however, I’m not revealing anything that can lead anyone to me. Maybe someday I’ll let go, but for now, that’s my plan… All names will be in letter form, and no real locations will be revealed. Lets just say for sake of simplicity that I live in Philadelphia. Even though I don’t exactly.

And readership? Well, who knows who will find me..

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